Ruth DiRico

Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Ruth DiRico

Since joining team TREEL in 2018, Ruth has worn many hats at the Firm while working directly with clients on their estate and Medicaid planning matters. She is an integral member of the team who helps gather and process requisite information for Medicaid applications, among so many other critical duties.

She prepares important documentation for Will signings and often serves as notary public and a witness. Ruth demonstrates her kindness and compassion with clients daily and is a wonderful resource for those with questions. Her helpful nature and deep knowledge are invaluable assets to the Firm.

Ruth is often the first friendly face you see when you walk through TREEL’s doors and frequently the voice on the other end of the phone when you call.

In addition to her illustrious paralegal expertise and duties, Ruth often manages the Firm calendar and schedules client consultations and appointments.

Ruth is a tremendous team player and a wonderful part of team TREEL.

When not working, Ruth enjoys spending time with family, friends and, of course, her furry friends.

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