The Definitive Checklist for Winning Your Will Dispute

Contrary to popular belief, when a beloved family member passes away family members don’t always come together. Sometimes disputes arise.

Whether it’s from a lack of clarity on the part of the family member’s intentions or unexpected surprises regarding desired plans, when disputes over inheritance arise, things can get tough.

Timothy Rice Estate and Elder Law Firm has seen these same situations play out time and time again and we don’t want you to navigate those tough waters alone.

We’ve put together our best guidance into one simple and easy to follow checklist. It’s our lifeline to those looking for quick answers for what needs to happen now that tensions are high and a dispute is likely inevitable.

We cover in this checklist:

  • The legal reasons a Will may be contested;
  • The overall Will contest procedures; and
  • Key tips for evaluating a Will’s legal strength.

Download the checklist to discover our best tips for navigating a Will dispute.

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Will Dispute Checklist