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TREEL is Caring for its Clients and Community, Every day

Estate Planning

Every day, millions of families stay at home for the safety of others. We are inspired by this act of solidarity for the health and safety of our community.

We are taking extra steps now, more than ever, to consider  the best way to take care of and protect your family.  We know many of our clients have developed new habits and routines to keep their family safe and protected.

The mother who reminds her children to wear a mask when they leave their home. The father who takes extra time to teach his daughter how to wash her hands thoroughly. The adult children who leave groceries on the porch for their 73-year-old mother to avoid exposing her to any potential harm are all examples of loving kindness for our families.

These new routines and habits define our community as a caring, responsible and generous one. They remind us that deep commitment to sacred values, like caring for one another, still exists in the midst of the CVD uncertainty.

In light of these most unusual times, Timothy Rice Estate and Elder Law wants to remind you that we are here, providing structure/guardrails to some of the uncertainty through our shared value of caring for one another.

Just as you care for your family through these new daily habits and routines, you can also demonstrate your care for them by addressing the  long-term health of your family’s future via estate planning

You may begin this process by downloading our Estate Planning Questionnaire. It’s a detailed resource and useful form for creating and/or updating your Estate Plan. With this questionnaire, you will take the first step toward safeguarding against the uncertainty of tomorrow. You will take the first steps toward safeguarding your loved ones from the unknown.

We believe that similar to washing your hands and wearing a face mask are healthy habits, that regularly reviewing your estate plan is also a healthy habit. Making this process part of your new routine not only protects you but protects those you love and care for.

The children who need reminders about their face masks, the daughter who is learning proper hand washing health and the aging mother who is in need of another grocery delivery. They all rely on you.

You have the tools to take the first steps toward keeping them safe now and in the future right here: Download our Estate Planning Questionnaire.

The safety and security of our clients and community is our greatest concern. TREEL firm attorneys are meeting with clients virtually every day and even conducting  “socially distanced document signings”.

We would be happy to meet you virtually and learn more about how we may be of service.

To learn more and schedule an Estate Planning Consultation, reach out to us at 856.782.8450 or [email protected].

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