Do Your Clients Need an Estate and Elder Law Attorney?

Financial advisors and planners, real estate and insurance brokers and attorneys in a variety of practices likely have clients who need estate planning services. The experienced estate and elder law attorneys at Timothy Rice Estate and Elder Law Firm work closely with our professional partners to ensure their clients’ needs are met.

There are many situations that may “trigger” a professional service provider to refer a client to an estate and elder law attorney. These include:

  • A family law attorney is helping a client with divorce and custody issues. Any change in life circumstances like this is cause for an update to an existing estate plan or should spark a reminder to create one.
  • A financial advisor learns that a client just had a baby. Ensuring the child’s future is protected with proper estate planning should be a financial priority for the family, and an opportunity for the financial advisor to refer the client to an estate planning attorney.
  • A catastrophic injury, whether it be the result of an auto accident or medical malpractice, could lead to both a sizeable financial award and special care considerations for the injured person. A personal injury attorney could help a client in this situation by referring the individual to a trust and estate law attorney for assistance with special needs trusts and guardianship or conservatorship issues.
  • A newly married couple is looking to buy their first home. A mortgage broker, real estate broker or financial advisor could help the couple by referring them to a trusts and estate law attorney to create or update their Wills, powers of attorney, trusts and other important estate planning documents.
  • A soon-to-be or recent retiree reaches out to a financial advisor for advice on retirement savings. The financial advisor should ask the client if their estate plan reflects this change in circumstances and refer the individual to a trusts and estate law attorney for further assistance.
  • As people age, Medicaid planning becomes very important. Insurance brokers and financial advisors, as well as a variety of attorneys, can provide a great service to clients by referring them to elder law attorneys to ensure the client’s long-term health care is secure.

Any change of circumstances, from buying or selling property or a business to winning the lottery, impacts estate planning.

By noticing these “triggers,” bringing them to the client’s attention and providing a referral to a trusted estate planning attorney, professional service providers demonstrate to their clients they care about their financial and physical well-being.

TREEL attorneys have a reputation for working closely with clients to protect their best interests by creating holistic and sound estate plans. When conflicts arise over issues like Wills or guardianships, TREEL attorneys zealously advocate for their clients in court. We treat clients with respect, empathy and compassion as we help them navigate sensitive and difficult issues regarding long-term health care, financial decisions and end-of-life wishes. For more than 20 years, TREEL has served clients ages 18 to 108, as a committed member of the community.

By referring clients to TREEL, professional service providers show their clients they care about them. We hope that we can be partners in providing members of our community the peace of mind that comes from working with reliable, knowledgeable professionals just like you!

We invite you to learn more about TREEL by visiting our website or reaching out at (833) 388-0462. Please feel free to refer your clients to us and know they will receive the same high-quality service your clients have learned to expect from working with you.

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