How Does Medicaid Work Generally?

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One of the most common questions seniors ask our firm is how Medicaid works and how to apply for benefits. Seniors and families planning for the future are usually new to the Medicaid application process, and most are looking for guidance to ensure their application doesn’t omit any of the myriad requirements for successful submission.

So, how does applying for Medicaid work?

Generally, the first step in this process is to complete a Medicaid application, which, at first, sounds pretty innocuous; but, what gets a little more complicated is the fact that applicants are required to provide five years worth of financial information. In addition to financial information, much is required regarding proof of whether one receives social security, has a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, and more on quite a lengthy list of information that applicants must include when applying for Medicaid benefits.

What comes next?

Once the application is submitted to the County Board of Social Services, there is a waiting period of roughly a few months for the Board to review and make a determination regarding the application. After a determination of benefits is made, the applicant will receive notification regarding whether they are eligible for the program. As mentioned, this often bumpy process takes several months, and it takes quite a bit of time to prepare all the required documentation that accompanies the application. In the event of any mishaps or bumps in the road, we would certainly review any issue with our clients and discuss with them at length how to resolve it so that they would be prepared and assured that there would be no further surprises.

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