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Avoid These “Panic Moves”

  There are some mistakes that can be made while Medicaid planning. This short video will discuss some of the biggest Medicaid planning mistakes people make.
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Digital Assets Part 2: How to Protect Your Digital Assets

We spend so much time online whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or even creating our own websites, it is important to start thinking about these items. We call them digital assets and how to preserve and protect them long term. Why do you want to make sure someone has…
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Digital Assets Part 1: What Qualifies as a Digital Asset?

  We spend so much time online, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or even creating our own websites. It is important to start thinking about these items, we call them digital assets, and how to preserve them and protect them long term. What Qualifies as a Digital Asset? A…
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Irrevocable Trusts Part 1: What is an Irrevocable Trust?

Many people believe that trusts are only documents that the very wealthy use, but the truth is that many families could benefit from trusts, including irrevocable trusts. What are the potential benefits of an irrevocable trust? There are many potential benefits to using an irrevocable trust for your family’s planning.…
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Guardianships Part 2: How to Avoid Costly Guardianships Court Proceedings

Court-appointed guardianship proceedings are costly and time-consuming — and should a guardianship be contested, the expense and time commitment can increase exponentially. In contrast, planning ahead with a durable financial power of attorney and an advanced medical directive costs significantly less, and saves valuable time and stress for family members…
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Guardianships Part 1: How to Avoid Court-Appointed Guardianships

It is a common thought that adults are fully capable of making their own decisions for their life and taking care of themselves, and that’s usually the case; however, a court, under several prerequisites, can decide differently. When it is legally determined that an adult is incapable of making sound…
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Will Disputes, Part 2: How can I Win a Will Dispute?

With decades of experience advising our clients on the most delicate and most heated Will disputes, we have a deep understanding of how and why one would and should contest a Will.   Trigger Warnings As mentioned, there are myriad grounds for disputing a Will. Some of the most common reasons…
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Will Disputes, Part 1: How to Contest a Will?

Having provided clients with estate law services for over twenty years, the attorneys at Time Rice Estate and Elder Law have seen the gamut of issues that arise from improperly executed or poorly planned Wills. Disputes and contests over Wills are more than a main plotline in your favorite novel…
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Protecting Assets in a Blended Family

Every family is unique, and each estate plan requires some level of a catered approach to ensure assets are allocated to the right beneficiaries, and it’s especially true for a blended family, a family in which at least one spouse has at least one child from a prior marriage or…
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