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What is a Conservatorship?

Conservatorships can be beneficial for a variety of reasons depending on circumstances. If you are interested in learning more about Conservatorships contact our office.
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Pet Trusts- Why Have One?

Ensuring your pet is taken care of in the event you are no longer able to take care of them. Pets are a part of your family and most people treat them as their own children. That is why creating a pet trust is vital for your pet’s care. Pet’s…
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Must Knows of Annual Gift Giving

Are you looking into annual gift-giving? You may not actually be protecting your assets from nursing homes by annual gift-giving. Your gifts may be excluded from gift taxes but not excluded by the Medicaid program. We can help protect your assets, call us today.
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How to Win a Will Dispute

There are many different reasons that a will may be contested. It could have to deal with the evaluation of the estate or how the executor is handling the estate. Problems could also arise with the Will itself. This is why it’s incredibly important to speak with a professional when…
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Contesting a Will

When wills are poorly planned or improperly executed a variety of issues can arise. Contesting a will can be more involved than people assume. If you have questions on the validity of your will contact our office. We will review your case at length and provide experienced law support.
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Why do Blended Families Need to Estate Plan?

QTip trusts also know as qualified terminable interest property trusts and reciprocal Wills can be extremely beneficial for the spouse of a blended family. Failure to plan can exclude some of your intended beneficiaries. Seeking the help of a trusted attorney will ensure the safety of you and your blended…
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What You Need to Know About Managing Partner Tim Rice

  Managing partner Tim Rice finds extreme value in helping his clients reach solutions regarding their estate and elder law planning. This video will give you a glimpse of why TREEL cares and how our attorneys can help you with your affairs. Contact us to meet with an attorney that…
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