Samaritan Hospice Tour and Dementia Shaker Donation

Acts of Kindness

Throughout this year, we are committed to 20 Acts of Kindness, a helping hand, days of service and other fun activities, supporting some of the organizations and individuals that have supported us all these years.

Recently, TREEL’s Kimberlie Fiero and Becca Post took a tour of Samaritan Hospice and donated several dementia activity shakers which Becca and her sisters made for the Hospice.

The facility goes out of their way to make sure that everyone who steps foot inside is comfortable and taken care of. All while maintaining a positive attitude. There are many several beautiful art pieces hanging, several from local artists. Any piece of art that has a price tag next to it can be bought through the facility.

Photo on the top right features: Standing: Kimberlie Fiero; Rebecca Post; Colleen Fritsch, Social Worker. Sitting: Anne Elmore, Spiritual Support Counselor; Julia Damico, Music Therapist; Holly Rothfuss, Social Worker

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